Monday, 31 October 2011

Creamy Lentil-Carrot Soup

When it is cold outside, and I have the time and opportunity I like to make a hot lunch. Today was such a day, as I have time off from work to get going with my master thesis. With the stove in the immediate reach I quickly put together one of my favorite dishes. It takes about 10 minutes to throw it together, and you can use different kinds of vegetables and herbs in it. 

The base consists of red lentils that are rinsed and boiled. If you have trouble digesting lentils, it may be because they are not rinsed well enough. I always use fresh herbs and vegetables of various kinds, and I like to keep them raw, at least some of it. This time I took what was in the fridge, which was carrots, parsley and tomatoes. For an extra creamy and full taste add coconut milk, or extra virgin coconut oil. You don´t have to follow this recipe as long as you have lentils, some kind of extra virgin fresh oil, some vegetables and some spices that you like. Here is just a variation I made today.

Recipe (1-2 person):

2 dl red lentils (cooked with a double amount of water)
1-2 carrots
1 / 2 chili
1 / 2 lime
A piece of ginger
1 / 2 tablespoon turmeric
1 tablespoon kummen
A small bunch parsley
Some tomatoes
2-4 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil / olive oil / ghee
Taste with sea salt and black pepper

Bring the lentils to a boil with double amount of water. You might have to add more water if it boils dry. Towards the end of the cooking time you can see if you want a thin or thick soup, and add water accordingly. Boil the carrots and ginger along with the lentils. When the lentils disintegrate after about 10 minutes, pull the pan from the heat and add the oil or coconut milk, lime, chili and spices. Mix everything together with a hand blender to the consistency is creamy. Pour in to bowls, and cut up tomatoes and parsley to add on top. Serve with a kind of crackers or bread if you like it.


2 dl røde linser (kokes med dobbel mengde vann)
1-2 gulrøtter
1/2 chili
1/2 lime
En bit ingefær
1/2 ss gurkemeie
1 ss kummen
En liten bunt bladpersille
Noen tomater
2-4 ss extra virgin kokosolje / olivenolje / ghee
Smaksett med havsalt og sort pepper

Kok opp linsene i dobbel mengde vann. Her må du følge med litt og mulig tilsette mer vann hvis det koker bort. Mot slutten av koketiden kan du se om du ønsker en tynn eller tykk suppe, og tilsette vann deretter. Kok gulrøttene  og ingefæren sammen med linsene. Når linsene går i oppløsning etter ca 10 min, trekker du kjelen av platen, tilsetter oljen eller kokosmelken, lime, chili og krydder. Miks alt sammen med en stavmikser til konsistensen er kremete. Hell opp i skåler og kutt opp tomater og bladpersille til å legge på toppen. Server gjerne med et slags knekkebrød eller brød hvis du liker det.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Vanilla Love Shake

I love the taste and smell of vanilla, like so many with me. The love connection goes all the way back to the mythology of the Totonac people of Mexico. According to their mythology, the tropical orchid which vanilla is extracted  from, was born when the blood of two forbidden lovers were spilled on the ground. The love connection continues into the old medicinal literature where vanilla is described as an aphrodisiac, and today it is one of the most widely used fragrances in perfumes. In purely scientific terms, the medical effects of vanilla is little explored, however it has been shown to increase adrenaline and to have antibacterial properties.

For no other reason than that the rich and sweet flavor of vanilla gives a feeling of happiness, I made this shake today.


2 organic bananas
2 teaspoons bourbon vanilla
1 scoop of Sun Warrior rice protein / 1 handful cashew nuts
1 tablespoon of lecithin
Water for desired consistency

Mix it all in a blender.


2 økologiske bananer
2 ts bourbon vanilje
1 måleskje Sun Warrior ris protein / 1 håndful cashew nøtter
1 ss lecitin
Vann til ønsket konsistens

Miks alt i en blender.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Coriander-Apple Boost

Coriander is a powerful herb with lots of flavor and nutrients. Vitamin A, C, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, are just some of the vitamins and minerals you get from theese leaves. It has a powerful antibacterial effect and can prevent food poisoning, it also has a cleansing effect by binding to toxins and heavy metals.
This shake is inspired by Sarma Melngailis Cilantro-Pineapple Shake, but the pineapple is replaced by apple, and I have dropped the agave nectar, coconut water and vanilla extract to make it as easy as possible. The taste is very fresh and feels just right if you drank a little less healthy drinks last night, or just any day really.

1 / 2 cucumber
2 small apples
1 bunch coriander
Water for desired consistency

Mix everything in a blender and enjoy the fresh taste of coriander and apple.

1/2 agurk
2 små epler
1 bunt koriander
Vann til ønsket konsistens

Miks alt i en blender og nyt den friske smaken av koriander og eple.  

Friday, 28 October 2011

Raw apple chutney on a quinoa curry


An organic apple a day keeps the doctor away, and now in the fall the apples are at their best. Pick them and use them to make a delicious apple smoothie, pie, or like me - apple chutney. Chutney awaken the tastebuds and lift the other flavors in a dish. It complements the meal by adding the flavors sweet, sour and salty. Traditionally ​​chutney is made by boiling apple or mango with a little salt, sugar, ginger and lemon. I wanted to try a raw version using the juicer. If you do not have a juicer, you can try to create a slightly different variation using a hand blender. I would then press the lemon by hand and then mix the other ingredients together with the hand blender.

I thought it would fit to serve this chutney with quinoa and walnuts.

Recipe Apple Chutney:

2 apples
1 / 2 lemon
1 piece of ginger (I like to use a lot, but adjust according to how strong you like it)
1 teaspoon honey
1 pinch sea salt

Recipe quinoa (2 persons):

2 dl quionoa
1 yellow bell pepper
1 tablespoon turmeric
tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Taste with seasalt and black pepper

Boil quiona as directed on package. While the quinoa is cooking, start with the chutney. Juice the apples (leave half an apple to cut into cubes and mix into the end), lemon and ginger. Add sea salt, honey and apple pieces in the pressed juice.

Finely chop the peppers and walnuts and add to the quinoa when it is fully cooked. Stir in tumeric, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. Pour the apple chutney over the quinoa curry and garnish with a little fresh coriander.

Oppskrift Eple Chutney:

2 epler
1/2 sitron
1 bit ingefær  (jeg liker å bruke mye, men tilpass etter ønsket styrke)
1 ts honning
1 klype havsalt

Oppskrift quinoa:

2 dl quionoa
1 gul paprika
1 ss gurkemeie
2 ss ekstra virgin olivenolje
Smaksett med havsalt og pepper

Kok opp quiona som anvist på pakningen. Mens quinoaen koker, begynn med chutneyen. Juice eplene (la det være igjen et halvt eple som kuttes i terninger og blandes inn på slutten), sitronen og ingefæren. Tilsett havsalt, honning og eplebitene i juicepresset.

Finhakk paprika og valnøtter og tilsett quinoaen når den er ferdig kokt. Rør inn gurkemeie, havsalt og olivenolje. Hell til slutt over eple chutney, og pynt med litt fersk koriander.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Without you the universe is not beautiful

This has been in my wallet for a while. Its from a YogiTea with lemon and ginger.  
It applies to all of you!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Raw Chai Brownie

Chai Brownie
After yesterday's rawcake party I had to make a go at it myself. I decided to start with the easiest type of raw cake, but not to say it is any less tasty or fancy. Simple is often the best, and less is more, at least after a long day. I was very pleased with the choice because it took exactly 3 and a half minutes to mix the dough together.

This recipe I have seen several places in different varieties. Raw brownie has almost become commonplace, and thats great. I have many ideas how to experiment with different types og nuts and fillings, but heres is a simple one to start. Hope you like it as much is I do.


6 cups dates
2 tablespoons agave
6 tablespoons cocoa
1-2 bags chai tea
4 tablespoons extra-virgin coconut oil
1 teaspoon bourbon vanilla
1 pinch sea salt

Cut open the tea bag and take out the stones from the dates. Then mix it all together. Use a good food processor or blender to mix all the ingredients into a dough. Place baking paper in a form and press out the dough. Let stand in refrigerator or freezer until it hardens a bit, and easily cut the pie. Top it with some cinamon before serving with nice cup of tea.


6 dl dadler
2 ss agave sirup
6 ss kakao
1-2 poser chai te
4 ss ekstra virgin kokosolje
1 ts bourbon vanilje
1 klype havsalt

Klipp opp teposene og ta ut steinene fra dadlene. Bland så alle ingrediensene sammen. Bruk en god kjøkkenmaskin eller stavmikser for å blande alt til en deig. Legg bakepapir i en brødform og trykk ut deigen. La stå i kjøleskap eller fryser slik at den stivner litt og lett kan kuttes i kakestykker. Dryss litt kanel over og server med en god kopp te.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Raw Cake party

Beautiful guest, tastes beautiful cakes...

Today Gimle Organic Perfumery had a visit by Caroline Fibæk, who is the author of the book Raw Cake. It has just been published in Norwegian, and the occasion was celebrated with raw cakes after the book's recipes. There were nearly 100 visitors who joined the party, and many walked away with the book after tasting these delicious pieces.

If you want to make a cake that is free from milk, eggs, gluten and sugar, this book shows you how it´s done with style

Here are some pictures for inspiration. The recipies are in the book. I have not made any myself yet (only tasted:), but the book definitely went home with me! Enjoy some cakes for the eyes...

Mango Cheesy Cake
Blueberry Dream

After Eight

The author Caroline Fibæk and hostess Camilla Schjelderup

Monday, 24 October 2011

True Blood for vegan vampires

After being on the go from 6 o´clock this morning I had to make a quick fix in the kitchen tonight. Looking in the fridge I only had some beets left that could be made into something (somewhat similar to what Sookie Stackhouse would serve at the bar).. With beetroots as the main ingredient True Blood is an appropriate name for this souplike dish. 

Beetroot juice is associated with human blood, and for its blood forming abilities. Because of its high content of iron it is really good for vegetarians and vegans to boost the regeneration of red blood cells. Iron makes sure that the supplies of fresh oxygen is distributed to all the cells in the body. Drinking beetroot juice is also found to boost stamina. A study conducted in the UK suggested that drinking beetroot juice could make people exercise for up to 16% longer, and making exercise less tiring.

With the combination of beetroot, lemon, avokado and some chili, it can´t really go wrong with the taste either. The soup is to be continude and finetuned, but still this is something you can build upon for so long.

Recipe (1 pers):

2 beetroot
1 lemon
1 avocado
1/2 red chili
1 tabelsppon kummen
1 tablespoon tumeric
1 piece of ginger
2-4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Seasalt to taste

Put the beets, lemon and ginger in the juicer (or use organic beetroot juice premade). Then mix the juice and all the other ingredints in the food processor until its mixed to a smooth soup. It would taste even nicer with some roasted pinenuts or pumkinseeds for garnish.

Oppskrift (1 pers):

2 rødbeter 

1 sitron 
1 avokado 
1 / 2 rød chili 
1 ss kummen 
1 ss gurkemeie 
1 bit ingefær (størrelsen avhenger hvor sterk du vil ha den) 
2-4 ss ekstra virgin olivenolje
Smak til med havsalt

Press rødbeter, sitron og ingefær i en juicer (eller kjøp økologisk rødbetjuice). Bland så juice og alle de andre ingrediensene i en kjøkkenmaskin og miks til en jevn suppe. Det ville nok smake enda bedre med ristede (eller rå) pinjekjerner eller gresskarkjerner som garnityr.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chocolate and vanilla smoothie to kick start your day

This is a complete meal disguised as a dessert. This smoothie gives you everything you need to get started in the morning, and to keep it going. I love the taste and texture and enjoy every mouthful. It is also a really healthy meal, and especially good after workout. Cocoa which is one of the main ingredients, is a bean of joy, health and wealth, higly regarded by the Native Americans, and now by healthexperts.

Cocoa was traditionally treasured for its good effects on both the body and the soul. The Maya Indians saw cocoa as a food for the gods, and used cocoa beans for medicinal purposes to fight fatigue and gastrointestinal distress. The Kuna people, natives of Panama, drink up to 40 cups of cocoa a week, and has come to the researchers' attention because of their good health. Recent research shows that cocoa help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and increase the bloodflow. It has also been shown that cocoa is great after workout because it counteracts fatigue in the muscles as well as it is  nutritionally complete. Cocoa has a high protein content, and is also high in iron. 

I strongly recomend to buy Fairtrade and organic cacao to support the sustainability of future production.  The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), has published research finding that an expected annual temperature rise of more than two degrees Celsius by 2050 will leave many of West Africa's cocoa-producing areas too hot for chocolate. You can read about the study here.

Recipe for the complete version (2 persons):

1 avocado
1 banana
4 to 6 tablespoons cacao (preferably raw)
1 tablespoon honey (select a honey that is not transparent as it contains more trace elements and other important nutrients)
1 teaspoon vanilla seeds
1 tablespoon of lecithin granules
1 scoop of Sun Warrior riseprotein / 1 scoop hempprotein / 1 handful of almonds

1 pinch seasalt
Add water to desired consistency

Mix everything in a food processor and enjoy a delicious and nutritious smoothie.

Recipe for a simpler version:

1 avocado
1 banana
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla

1 pinch seasalt  
Water for desired consistency

Oppskrift for den komplette versjonen (2 personer):

1 avokado
1 banan
4 - 6 ss cacao (helst rå)
1 ss honning (velg en honning som ikke er gjennomsiktig da den inneholder mer sporstoffer og andre viktige næringsstoffer)
1 ts vaniljefrø
1 ss lecitin granulat
1 måleskje risproteinpulver fra Sun Warrior / 1 måleskje hempprotein / 1 neve mandler

1 klype havsalt
Tilsett vann til ønsket konsistens

Miks alt i en kjøkkenmaskin, og nyt en delikat og næringsrik smoothie  

Oppskrift for en enklere versjon:  

1 avokado
1 banan
1 ss honning
1 ts vaniljefrø

1 klype havsalt
Vann til ønsket konsistens

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Gluten and dairy free pistachios and berry pie

I'm so lucky to have a very good friend who has exactly the same food preferences as myself, and when we cook together, a new lovely dish always comes out of it. This summer we went to her house in the Lofoten Islands and was so fortunate to be there in the middle of the season for "Krekling" - a berry that grows in northern climes. Krekling has a slightly tart flavor, and compared with other berries, has been little used in the household in Norway. They have been somewhat more used by the natives in North America and the Eskimos in Greenland, but we decided to introduce this berry in the kitchen and made a pie. The crust is inspired by Cannelle et Vanille's Gluten and Dairy Free Apricot and Pistachio Clafoutis, but we made a few changes. When the pie was served to neighbors and friends, it was very well welcomed, and we manage to eat the whole lot.
I took this recipe out again now to make a Sunday pie, and thought it would fit here on the blog. Now I had to replace Krekling with blueberries and pear, but it tasted just as good.


1/3 cup shelled and unsalted pistachios
3 eggs (or 3 tabelspoons of lecitin and 3 tablespoons og psyllum husk if you dont want to use egg)
1/2 cup agavenectar or natural cane sugar (best suited if you want to use egg)
1/4 tabelspoon of vanillaseeds
1 1/4 cup organic coconut milk
1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil or ghee 

2 medium pears
1 cup blueberries

Preheat the oven to 400F (200C).
If you want to use psyllum husk instead of eggs, simply mix the psyllum husk with the coconut milk and let it swell, while you grind the pistachios in the food processor to a fine powder. Add all the dry ingrediens with the pistachio powder. Poor in the agavenectar with the coconut milk, and finally whisk in all the dry ingredents in the milk mixture. It might be that you need to add in a bit more coconutmilk if it gets to thick with the psyllum husk.

If you want to use egg, whisk it together with the cane sugar and vanilla seeds. Then add in the pistachio powder and stir it until smooth. Then add coconut milk and coconutoil.

Arrange the pears in the greased dish and poor the custard over. Then poor in your blueberries.

Bake until center is set - approximately 30 minutes.


80 g usaltede pistasjnøtter
3 egg (eller 3 ss lecitin og 3 ss og fiberhusk hvis du ikke ønsker å bruke egg)
1 dl agavenectar eller 100 g naturlig rørsukker (passer best hvis du skal bruke egg)
1 ts vaniljefrø 

3/4 boks økologisk kokosmelk
1 ss ekstra virgin kokosolje eller ghee
2 middels pærer
2 dl blåbær

Forvarm ovnen til 200 grader.  

Hvis du ønsker å bruke fiberhusk istedet for egg, bare bland fiberhusk med kokosmelk og la det svelle, mens du maler pistasjenøtter i en foodprosessor til et fint pulver. Bland alle de tørre ingrediensene med pistasjepulver. Balnd agavenectar med kokosmelken, og til slutt visp inn alle de tørre ingrediensene. 
Hvis du ønsker å bruke egg, visp det sammen med rårørsukker og vanilje frø. Deretter tilsetter du pistasjepulveret og rør til en jevn blanding. Bland deretter inn kokosmelk og kokosolje.

Legg pærene i en smurt ildfast form og hell røren over. Dryss deretter blåbær over.

La steke ca 30 minutter.

Happily enjoying the midnight sun in the Midnight Sun Bar(n) after a lovely pie

Friday, 21 October 2011

The ultimate Indian vegetarian dish

Kitcahri is an age old staple vegetarian dish of India. It's one of my absolute favorites, and was a natural choice as this blog's first recipe. In India it's revered for its easy digestibility and cleansing nature, and it's advised to eat if you are sick because of its nourishing properties.  
The great thing about Kitchari is that it contains complete protein, herbs that stimulates digestion and lots of antioxidants and fiber.

Kitchari can be created in many different ways but the base is a combination of rice and mung beans that are cooked together with spices and vegetables. I make it several times a week and use different types of vegetables in it. My favorite is to use beetroot and spinach because it gives so nice colors besides that it tastes really good and is full of important nutrients. Both mung beans, spinach and beetroot is high in iron!

Recipe (2 people):

1 cup whole grain rice
1 cup mung beans
2 medium beets
2 handfuls of spinach
1 / 2 lime
1 / 2 chili
1 teaspoon coriander seeds

1 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon turmeric
1 tablespoon kumen

1 tablespoon fresh ginger
1 tablespoon extra-virgin coconut oil / ghee (trusted butter) / butter

Add sea salt to taste

Melt the oil / butter in a saucepan and add all the spices in the hot oil. This opens up all the flavors so that they come out better. 

Then mix in the rice and the mung beans in the hot oil before adding water, so that it covers about 5 cm above the rice and mung beans. Replace the lid and let boil before turning down the heat.  
Peel and cut up the beets and ginger into cubes and add after about 10 minutes cooking time. Then let it cook another 15 minutes.  
Check that the rice and beans are soft, if they are ready add the chopped chilli, spinach and press the lime over. Stir in the spinach and allow it to be a little soft before serving.  
Garnish with some coriander and ginger in thin strips on top.

Hope you like it! Experiment with local and seasonal vegetables

Oppskrift (2 pers):

1 dl fullkorns ris
1 dl mungbønner
2 medium store rødbeter
2 never spinat
1/2 lime
1/2 chili
1 ts koriander frø

1 ts sort pepper
1 ss gurkemeie
1 ss kumen

1 ss fersk revet ingefær
1 ss extra virgin kokosolje / ghee (klarert smør)/ smør

Smelt olje / smør i en kjele og tilsett alle krydderne i den varme oljen. Dette åpner opp for alle aromaene slik at de kommer bedre frem. 

Bland deretter i ris og mungbønner før du heller over vann som dekker ca 5 cm over risen og mungbønnene. Sett på lokk og la koke opp før du skrur ned varmen. 
Skrell og kutt opp rødbeter og ingefær i terninger og tilsett etter ca 10 min koketid. La deretter koke ytterligere 15 minutter. 
Sjekk at risen og bønnee er myke, hvis de er klare tilsetter du finhakket chili, spinat og presser lime over. Rør inn spinaten og la den bli litt myk før du serverer. Pynt med litt koriander og ingefær i tynne strimler på toppen. 

Håper du liker det! Eksperimenter med lokalproduserte grønnsaker.