Friday, 10 February 2012

Colour Me Happy Lunch

I ususally eat very simple meals like this. It is really easy to make, and also affordable if you want to eat only organic. One serving of organic beans will cost you about 4 Norwegian kroner if you prepare them yourself (which I recommend). Then you can pay a little extra to get organic vegetables.  

This lunch has no strict recipe. I measure about 1 dl uncooked beans for 2 people, or for two meals. The beans must soak overnight, and will cook while you do the morning routine. Then, you just add a selection of vegetables you have available, a good olive oil and some spices.

For this salad I used black beans, red cabbage, yellow peppers and some green salad leaves. In the oil dressing, I used a little cummen, some sea salt and black pepper. Serve with some bread or crackers if you like. 

The art of cabbage:


  1. Heftige bilder.. :-)
    Ser godt ut også.
    Ha en fin helg.

  2. .. savner innlegg!

  3. Har spists mye rödkål i det siste.
    Noen nye tips snart? :-)