Monday, 23 January 2012

Carrot & Fresh Tumeric Creamy Soup

This bright yellow soup is just what you need on a cold January day to keep the doctor away. Full of nature's own antibiotic and anti-inflammatory ingredients you will keep the bacteria and viruses at bay, while you enjoy a tasty soup. That's what I call a bargain. If you can't get hold of fresh turmeric root, you can replace it with the dried option.


1 yellow onion
2-3 cloves garlic
1 pinch cayenne pepper
3 cm of turmeric root
4 carrots
1 lime
2 dl cashews (soaked)
1 L water

Sea salt to taste

Add cashews to soak. Chop the onion and warm a little olive- or coconut oil in a saucepan. Let the onions fry golden, and rasp the turmeric root in the saucepan (if you use dried turmeric you may heat it in the oil before adding the onion).  

Add the water and let boil. Add the garlic and cayenne pepper to the water, and cut the carrots into small pieces before adding them in. Let cook until the carrots are soft. Then press the lime over, and add the cashews. Mix to a creamy smooth soup with a hand blender. Add seasalt at the end and serve. 


1 gul løk
2-3 fedd hvitløk
1 knivsodd cayennepepper
3 cm av en gurkemeie rot
4 gulrøtter
1 lime
2 dl cashewnøtter (bløtlagte)
1 Liter vann

Smaksett med havsalt

Legg cashewnøtter i bløt. Kutt opp løken og varm litt oliven- eller kokosolje i en kjele. La løken stekes gyllen, og rasp gurkemeie over (hvis du bruker tørket gurkemeie kan dette varmes i oljen sammen med løken). Hell deretter over vann og la koke opp. Tilsett presset hvitløk og cayennepepper. Kutt opp gulrøttene i mindre biter, og putt i kjelen. La koke til gulrøttene er myke. Press så i lime, og legg i cashewnøttene. Miks til en kremete jevn suppe med en stavmikser. Smaksett med havsalt til slutt.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Buckwheat burgers with Jerusalem artichoke noodles

Jerusalem artichoke "noodles" is an absolutely new favorite. By serving them with hemp seeds and/or nuts on top, they can easily be served for themselves. For those who want to make vegetarian burgers without egg, buckwheat is the perfect base since it has such good binding properties. The rest of the ingredients in the burgers can be replaced with other herbs for the desired taste.

(serves 4 people) 

Buckwheat burgers

2,5 dl buckwheat
4 dl sun-dried tomatoes
1 bunch basil
1 yellow onion
1 pinch cayenne pepper
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt to taste
Black and white sesame seeds to the breading (about 1-2 dl)

Let the buckwheat boil (after they have been rinsed) in the double amount of water for about 10 minutes, or until soft. Let them cool down. Then mix all the ingredients until a smooth paste in a blender. Form the paste into small burgers and roll them in sesame seeds. They can either be baked at 170 degrees for 30-40 minutes in the oven, or be fried in the pan. I prefer to use the oven because it is easier and I can use that time to prepare the noodles.

Jerusalem artichoke noodles

10-20 Jerusalem artichokes (depending on how much you want)
150-200 g baby spinach
1-2 cloves of garlic
1-2 lime
2-4 tablespoons tamari sauce

Use either a spiralizer or a potato peeler to cut the
Jerusalem artichokes, and then sprinkle tamari sauce and lime over. Heat a pan with olive oil and minced garlic, then put the Jerusalem artichokes in the hot pan and fry lightly until some of the liquid has evaporated. Finally, stir in baby spinach and remove from pan. Ready to serve!

(4 personer)

Bokhvete burgere

2,5 dl bokhvete
4 dl soltørkede tomater
1 bunt basilikum
1 gul løk
1 knivsodd cayennepepper
4 ss extra virgin olivenolje

Smak til med havsalt
Sorte og hvite sesamfrø til panering (ca 1-2 dl)

Kok bokhveten i dobbel mengde vann i ca 10 minutter, eller til de er myke. La de kjøle seg ned. Miks deretter alle ingrediensene til en jevn røre med en stavmikser eller i en kjøkkenmaskin. Form røren i mindre kuler eller til burgere, og rull de i sesamfrø. De kan enten stekes i ovnen på 170 grader i 30-40 minutter, eller stekes i pannen. Jeg foretrekker å steke de i ovnen fordi man slipper stekeos, samt at tiden kan brukes til å lage nudlene.

10-20 jordskokker (avhengig av hvor mye du ønsker)
150-200 g baby spinat
1-2 fedd hvitløk
1-2 lime
2-4 ss tamari saus

Bruk enten en spiralizer eller en potetskreller for å kutte jordskokken. Bland deretter tamarisaus og lime med jordskokken før steking. Varm en panne med olivenolje og finhakket hvitløk, hell deretter jordskokken over i den varme pannen og la de stekes lett til en del av væsken har fordampet. Til slutt rør inn spinaten og ta av pannen. Klare til servering!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Out of Paper gave me a logo

December has passed without much time to prepare food for the blog. I thought to start the new year by showing one of the gifts I got for my birthday just before Christmas - is it not beautiful and wonderful!!?

My very good friend Mette Kaada works as a graphic designer at Out of Paper, and I have always loved her style. She has an extremely good sense of color and form, and all she does falls in the category - exquisite.  

Attached to a kitchen tool she had noticed that I was missing in my green kitchen, she had attached a card with the logo on the front. Can you believe it? Now I absolutely have to continue the blog just to honor this logo and my friend;) Thank you Mette for pushing me forward with such a stamp on my little veggie blog. Love u!