Friday, 4 November 2011

Organic Pampering Friday

Today I was treated with the best organic skin care treatment ever at Gimle Organic Perfumery. 1 full hour of massage, papaya peelinging, organic oils and creams suited to my skin. I don´t know if it was the creams or massage that was best, but after the treatment I felt completely happy. Thank you Marie, Gimle and Gunn-Turi!

When I came home after treatment this beautiful grapefruit
added the finishing touch. So simple and so good. 

My pampering friday went on with a wonderful Kale Salad. I've wanted to make a raw dish with Kale, and found a recipe online that turned out to be heavenly good. Kale is a superfood, full of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other healthful plant compounds. It has a high vitamin content, and is particularly rich in vitamin A and C. It also contains calcium and phosphorus, and is one of the vegetables with the highest iron contain. The dark green, crisp and juicy leaves are delicious to chew in this raw salad

Recipe Kale-Salad:

3 stalks of Kale
1 dl extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons sea salt
6 cherry tomatoes
1 / 2 avocado
1 / 2 lemon

2 spring onions

For this salad you have to use your hands to work the oil and sea salt into the slightly stiff leafs. 

Cut the cabbage into small pieces (1x1 cm), and place in a bowl. Pour olive oil over the leaves and use your hands to knead the oil into the leaves. Then add the salt and continue kneading the leaves. When you feel it´s enough, cut the tomatoes into 4 pieces and add in before you mush the avocado and stir into the salad. Cut up the spring onions and stir in at the end. Finally, press the lemon juice over.


Oppskrift Grønnkål-Salat :

3 stilker grønnkål
1 dl ekstra virgin oliven olje
2 ts havsalt
6 cherrytomater
1/2 avokado
1/2 sitron
2 vårløk 

Kutt kålen opp i små biter (1x1 cm), og legg i en bolle. Hell olivenolje over bladene og bruk hendene til å kna oljen inn i de krusete bladene. Tilsett så havsalt og fortsett å kna bladene lett. Deretter kutt tomatene i 4 biter og rør inn før avokadoen moses lett og røres inn i salaten. Til slutt press sitron saft over. Den kan med fordel stå litt før den serveres så smakene får satt seg.   

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