Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sesame covered tofu with raw pasta and sweet potato mash

Once in a blue moon I eat tofu. I make it very rare, but sometimes I just crave it. Tofu cubes rolled in sesame seeds served with sweet potato mash, was a hit in my former student collective and it brings back a lot of good memories...

Today I felt a little nostalgic after having immersed myself in my master thesis the whole day, so a natural consequence was craving tofu. As with all traditions, they are modernized with time, so this dish was upgraded with raw zucchini pasta. I am very pleased with the new addition:)

Recipe (2 people)

Sweet potato mash:
Begin with the sweet potato mash since it takes the longest time


2 large sweet potatoes
1-2 tablespoons butter / ghee / coconut oil
Sea salt to taste

Peel and divide the sweet potatoes into smaller pieces so that they cook faster. Let boil for about 10 minutes and check that they have become soft. When they are done, pour off the water, and mash the potatoes together with butter or oil using a hand blender.

Sesame covered tofu:

250 g tofu (always organic and GMO free)
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
Season with cayenne pepper and sea salt

Cut the tofu into cubes and heat in a pan with a little oil (extra virgin olive or coconut oil, depends on the flavor you prefer, and what you have available). Sprinkle cayenne pepper and sea salt over. When you think they are warmed enough pull the pan from the plate and mix in the sesame seeds.

Raw pasta

1 medium zucchini

Use a mandolin or a potato peeler to make a pasta-shapet squash. If you don´t have a mandolin it will be just as delicate with the potato peeler, but it will be more like a taglietelle shape. Add a little extra virgin oil and sea salt.

Oppskrift (2 pers)


Begynn med søtpotetmosen siden den tar lengst tid

2 store søtpoteter
1-2 ss smør / ghee / kokosolje
Smaksett med havsalt

Skrell og del søtpotetene i mindre biter for at de skal koke fortere. La koke ca 10 minutter, og kjenn etter at de er blitt myke. Når de er passe myke hell av vannet, og mos potetene til en mos med smør eller kokosolje ved hjelp av en stavmikser.

Sesam dekket tofu:
250 g tofu naturell (alltid økologisk og GMO fri)
2 ss sesamfrø
Krydres med cayenne pepper og havsalt

Kutt tofuen i terninger og varm i pannen med litt olje (extra virgin oliven- eller kokos olje, kommer ann på smaken du foretrekker og hva du har tilgjengelig). Dryss cayenne pepper og havsalt over. Når du syns de er varmet nok, trekker du pannen av plata og blander inn sesamfrøene.

Raw pasta

1 mellomstor squash

Litt olje og havsalt

Bruk en mandolin eller en potetskreller for å lage pastaformet squash. Hvis du ikke har mandolin blir den like delikat med potetskrelleren, men vil ligne mer tagliatelle pasta. Tilsett litt olje og havsalt. 

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